You have distanced yourself from Me, Beloved, as you believe I have distanced Myself from you. Isn’t this so? How is that going?

Turn back to Me, My Dear One; I miss your embrace. I miss gazing into your eyes and breathing as One. I have not let you go far. I have tied you to Myself with cords of lovingkindness. Come to My table and eat, drink. Let us fellowship. Come to Me for counsel and I will counsel you. Do not be afraid.

Your Loving God.


The Lord is my Light. Where can darkness hide? It has nowhere to run to so it disappears.

Likewise my weakness, because the Lord is my Strength.

And my sins, they are no more! Because they went on Him. He took them and now I am free.

Let us adore Him as we did at first; when we were stunned by the enormity of His grace and staggered by His mercy.

The Boat

I pictured a small boat in the ocean. The ocean and sky were a cold grey. Unwelcoming clouds gathered overhead, rolling in from the horizon. The water was ice cold and choppy. The water splashing against the boat was unkind, hurting the boat so that she was experiencing pain.

The boat had lost its oars. It was as if two waves coming toward her had formed into hands and snatched her oars from her. Thus, she could not direct herself or move along. She sat alone in the hostile ocean, exhausted; tossed around in the choppy waters, giddy from the waves.

I noticed that the waves were not washing right over the boat, however. No water had got inside. It was as if the bitter, salty water had been set a boundary it did not have authority to cross. But on the outside of the boat, the paint was peeling and scratched. The sea was throwing shells and small rocks at the boat and these, too, were causing the boat pain and discomfort. 

With no oars to steer herself, the boat could only sit and be, at the mercy of the hostile water. A couple of times she was nearly overturned by a strong wave, but she used all her strength to right herself as the menacing wave slid underneath her. 

Then I noticed Jesus come to the boat, walking on the water. He climbed in and sat down. The boat now felt comfortable and soothed, experiencing relief, as Jesus made Himself at home in her. He relaxed deeply in the boat, which caused her to feel calm. Soon she became unaware of the choppy waters and swelling waves all around, pushing her this way and that. 

Then I saw two angels either side of the boat. With their wings, they were fanning the air so that the boat was wafted gently along in a determined direction. As the angels fanned their wings, it was as if gold specks flew off from them into the air, settling over the boat so that she became golden. I felt this was symbolic of the angels, as holy flames of fire, ministering to the boat. 

While the boat focused on Jesus within her, she became very calm and peaceful, feeling relief from her circumstances, and relaxed in the hostile environment. She did not notice the black night she was moving towards.

The golden glow emitted by the now golden boat illumined the boat in the darkness around her so that she shone like gold and glowed in the dark night. The black night was very quiet. Silent in fact. Not a sound could be heard in this part of the water and the boat could see nothing but Jesus and the golden glow she was emitting. 

The boat travelled safely through the night as she focused on Jesus and came out the other side. As she emerged through the blackness of that part of the water there were shouts, celebrations and cheering. Birds were singing, swirling and soaring through the air displaying blissful freedom. 

Jesus climbed out of the boat and used a rope to tow her along behind Him as He again walked on the water. He led her to a haven; a peaceful and desirable haven where the sky was clear blue, the sun was warm and the water was still, except for gentle ripples which felt like a massage to the boat. And there was a fresh breeze in the air that revived the little boat. When I looked at her I noticed her paint was restored, having gone through the dark night focused solely on Jesus. She looked brand new and heathy; renewed and completely restored. 

There were other boats in the haven too; these boats were at rest. They turned in the water to make a path for Jesus to tow the small boat through. The scene looked so grand, as though it were an important ceremony and the little boat was very special and honoured. 

Then Jesus led her near to the shore where she bobbed gently in the water. It seemed as though the water was carrying the boat and holding her up in a show of honour, still massaging her with its gentle ripples. And there the boat was presented with brand new oars. The oars, I felt, represented the boat receiving a crown. With her oars she was now whole and could once again steer herself around enjoying freedom. They were golden oars and the boat felt so special, honoured and loved. She had never felt so complete, nor had she ever experienced such joy.

Fear is a funny thing

Fear is a funny thing.

I laughed at it once.

Then it laughed at me.

It bellowed, I cowered,

hiding under a table, shaking, palpitating.

Then it smiled and flew around me

Like a dragon gliding through the air, masterfully.

Its eyes fired up like amber embers

Bright jewels burning with fierce flames.

Protruding teeth jabbed into its jaw.

Its tight scales shimmered with a mesmerising glow. 

Rainbow colours danced upon its back and feet;

For a moment I marvelled.

Its belly was a furnace brewing fire.

Smoke streamed from its nostrils, 

choking, suffocating, 

not only me but all life around it. 

Plants lost their strength and wilted.

The heat of its fire burnt me.

I curled up feverishly

Madness overtook me, 

Realising my fate was to be eaten alive 

by a monster others only dream of.

Had this creature been built by their dreams 

Scale by scale?

Had they concocted this horror by their tales of the dragon, 

Had their lores energised this beast, making it a reality?

Was it feeding off their fantasy? 

Whatever its origin, it was with me.

I was the morsel, he the predator

There was no room for kindness, no space for mercy.

His only goal was to burn and devour. 

My laugh was gone, my strength faded 

I considered offering to strike a deal 

with the creature

To evade capture

But to be its puppet, 

for it to be my master, 

was a far greater fear.

Its tongue licked me.

Sanity left me. 

I appealed for mercy but it opened its mouth wide 

and laughed a terrible laugh.

I saw inside its belly

I saw the fires of hell

I waited for it to consume me…

But its jaws did not wrap around me

Its teeth did not pierce me

Its claws did not strike me

It’s fire did not burn me.

Instead, Fear suffocated on its own smoke

It cooked itself from within, charring black

The light in its eyes went out as its strength faded.

It heaved for breath on the ground before me

I almost felt sympathy for its weakened frame, 

for the loss of iridescent colour that had danced upon its back.

This was Fear in its fulness.

In fulness of time it had devoured itself. 

The dragon burnt itself out. 

I puzzled over Fear, its effect and power. 

I didn’t know why it had come to an end so swiftly

But I considered that it had not been sent by the Highest authority

It had come of its own accord 

And so it had trespassed and destroyed itself 

when it waged war. 

For I had called on the Name above every Name 

and made an allegiance with the King over all.

He turned my captivity, taking captivity captive, 

and brought down the dragon.

Praise to You Adonai

Though my field is barren I praise You YHWH

Though there are no figs, no fruit and the seed is rotten, I praise You, Adonai.

Though the ploughman deserted the field, cursing its poor soil, I praise You El Roi.

For the isolation and pain I praise You El Shaddai.

My Dear One,

No more will pain drive you to isolation

No more will grief overwhelm you

No more will you be a soldier standing alone

For I am returning you to your company

Music will play again

Singing and laughter will be heard again

The battle may be hard but there will be many swords clinking, not yours alone.

There will be a shout in unison, not a solitary voice.

You will forget loneliness for that is a former thing. Now it passes away, for I am doing something new. Look today and see. See what has arrived. A company of brothers. This is your tribe. 

I’m never quite sure about the word “Today” in a word of encouragement. But what I sometimes wonder when I think I might be sensing the word “Today” is whether it doesn’t necessarily manifest in the natural today, but it manifests by faith and spiritually the prayer is answered and granted “today”. It has been “given” in the spiritual realm, so you can receive today by faith the blessings of God. Just my thoughts. I don’t usually write “today” but just sometimes it seems to be impressed on me so I go with it just in case I’m hearing from God correctly…


You do not hope, you do not trust, you disbelieve and do not receive. You do not read and feast on Life, nor meditate on Goodness day and night. My word is medicine, Spirit, Life, yet you have treated it with contempt. You lament and complain bitterly against Me.

Yet, from dust you were formed. I remember so well. You do not claim any self-merit. You confess your transgressions speedily. You yearn for Me and have sworn allegiance to My Name. We are in covenant.

Enter rest, Beloved; let Me fight. Be covered in My song! Absorb deeply My songs of deliverance. Drink them into your soul, your very self. It thirsts, cries out, lashing at Me with rage; the rage that accompanies deep dis-appointment.

But I am your appointment! And I appoint you! You are appointed for every good work in Christ Jesus. I appoint you to bear fruit; fruit that will last.

Get up, Beloved; arise! No longer prostrate yourself in the dust of misery. Arise and live! Serve faithfully until the trumpet blasts.


The world will never be your friend because you are not of the world, Beloved. Do not seek friendship where there is none. Instead befriend yourself. Become the friend that you wish you’d had. 

Being the friend that you have missed will stop you from feeling bereft. And with Me as your friend and yourself as another, you will never be friendless again. You will be confident and secure. 

Learn to be kind to yourself, win yourself over with gentleness. For too long you have been fractured by war within yourself. Put your weapons down. Either one by one or throw them all down at once and consider how radiant you look in My sight. For you are made in My image. 

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

1. Psalm 139:14 I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.

2. Ephesians 5:29 For no one has ever hated his own body, but he nourishes and tenderly cares for it, as the Messiah does the church.

3. Proverbs 19:8 To acquire wisdom is to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper.

4. 1. Mark 12:31 The second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.

5. Leviticus 19:34 Treat them like native-born Israelites, and love them as you love yourself. Remember that you were once foreigners living in the land of Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

6. James 2:8  Nevertheless, you are doing the right thing if you obey the royal Law in keeping with the Scripture, “You must love your neighbor as yourself.”